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New Morning Classes!

Morning BJJ

MORE BJJ AT WTC! We have added three new morning classes for those of you who want to get your training in before work!  Recent Pan American double gold medalist, Brian C. will be teaching 6:30 - 7:30am Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Train with (Kaiyana) Rain

Professional Boxer, MMA fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor, and instructor Kaiyana Rain will be teaching Thai Kickboxing at Westside Training Center Tuesday/Thursday/Saturdays.  Come train with Rain!

Isaac Teaching Knee Slice to Kimura Grip to Arm Bar

I'm proud to post Isaac's first technique taught at Westside Training Center as a black belt.  We're all lucky to have this world class instructor teaching us 4x/week.

BJJ Drilling Tuesday & Thursday 5pm - 6pm

BJJ Drilling

"To Drill, or Not To Drill, there is no question.  Whether 'tis nobler on the mats to suffer the bow and arrow chokes of outrageous competition, or to drill against a sea of submissions, and by preparing, prevent them."  - William Shakespeare

Isaac Doederlein in Gracie Mag

Super Seminar Spectacular!

Don't Miss the Sinistro BJJ Seminar This Saturday!

Cobrinha Westside BJJ SeminarRegister early and receive a free Cobrinha Westside T-Shirt!!!!!

Cobrinha Westside!

We are proud to announce that Westside Training Center is now affiliated with multiple time World, Pan Am and recently crowned ADCC champion Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles!!!

Going forward, our jiu jitsu program will be known as Cobrinha Westside

Most Improved Striker

Eden started taking our Kettlebells and Striking class when we opened in January.  He's made some excellent progress:

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